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Monday Morning Marketeer, Landing Pages, Ten Ways to Keep Your Visitors from Jumping

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Has anyone ever told you that your list can make you king of the mountain or bottom of the pit! So how are you getting those names for your list, especially your e-mail list? Most experts will tell you that a landing page specifically designed to capture information is key to getting and maintaining that list.

10 Tips on Landing Pages: Keep Your Visitors from Jumping!

1.Follow the layout that works
My mother always used to say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. So in other words, if you find something that works, be careful what you mess with. If it doesn’t call for fancy, don’t get fancy. Find a template that works for your industry, and duplicate it.

2. Research
Who are the people in your industry, sevice or profession? Google search to find landing page sites on their web sites. You can use Alexa to check out the pages ranking, someone once said anything under a million is good, closer to the thousands is biblical. The combination of this will allow you to see what works for your industry content wise. My friend Becky from Up a Notch Marketing, calls it "swipe and deploy." By all means do not plagerize, however you can certainly take the idea and make it your own. Keep the profile of your visitor in mind, when adding content, and target that specifically. Also remember to add keyword rich content.

3. Create a Great Offer

Everyone likes to get something for free. When you are giving something away to inspire prospects to opt in to your e-mail list, it disarms them to the fact that you are also trying to get their money by converting them from suspects to genuine prospects. But make sure it is something good. A great free report not only will get them to opt in but it may get passed around and get others to find you or opt in.

4. Don’t add what isn’t needed

Remember, the purpose of the landing page is to do one thing – and that is get the email address and name of the visitor so that you can build a relationship with them. Distractions can destroy your conversions. Don’t add any other links, and give them a clear message as to what you are offering, and why they should subscribe. That is your only purpose. The only way out, should be to leave, or subscribe.

5 Make sure they know you are a real person!

Don’t know about you but I really like to know what the person looks like that I am doing business with. I love it when you have to copy numbers and letters and the line above it says, "Just want to make sure you are a human." So by all means ad your picture, if it’s a kid-friendly business, add a family photo, so that prospects know that you know about kids. If you are a mechanic, a good picture is one of you working on a car. If you are selling speaker training that add a picture of your speaking. If you sell clothes, by all means add a great fashion picture.

6. Solve a Problem or Add the Benefits

A great way to get good conversion is to give useful information. Don’t always think of selling, think of what problem you can solve and give that information away. What problems can you solve? What amazing benefits can you provide? Why is this a can’t live without it offer? You want people to have an iron clad reason to opt in. You want people to love your solution so much that they want to know what else you know.

7. Visual Strategy

What images make your add good visual excitement to your text?
• What is the focus of the page? (i.e. Where is the eye drawn to on the page?) That’s where you want your opt-in button!
• Is the focus on the correct section or item? If not, how can you change the focus? (e.g. change the colour of a call-to-action button to stand out from the page)
• Where is the eyeline on the page? (the eyeline is the line of site that the eye follows on the page when scanning it quickly – e.g. top left to bottom right, right to top left then down the sidebar, etc.)
• What do other MAJOR websites in your industry look like? Once again, look at the most successful websites and “swipe and deploy.” In many industries there are generally accepted designs for particular website types, like journals, newspaper sites, encyclopedias, forums, etc, and if you are designing one of these sites then you MUST take into account what is perceived in the industry to be a credible website.
• You want propects's eye, to go to the Opt-In
• . In addition, you want all critical information to be above the screen line or virtual fold (the bottom of the screen before scrolling).
• This is not the place for ads, sidebars, navigation bars or much of anything, except getting to the point.

8. No Spam Assurance

You want visitors to know you will not spam them or sell their information.
Make sure you make them immediately aware that you will not use their list for any other purpose than what they are opting in for. You won’t rent, sell, or do anything that would compromise your relationship with the person who now gave you their trust.

9. Opt-in K.I.S.S.

This as an acronym for Keep it Simple Silly! Remember to keep the opt in process simple. Make it painless for prospects to opt in. If you are using autoresponders as your campaign to keep in touch, just get email and first name. If you have a high-end product that may require some personal communication, then also ask for a phone number. But in general, less is more.

10. Time is Running Out!

You want the visitor to sense urgency, and pay attention to your offer, then they are missing out on some very important information. You must make the need for them to opt-in time sensistive and get them to feel if they don’t do it now, it’s going to go away. Limited time offer. Ten only or Free to First 100. Also, add additional opt-in bonus for a particular group. First 25 will receive exclusive report on…………… Not only will this increase your conversion rate, but remember everyone likes to get something for free.
Remember your list is king and a great, cohesive, urgency creating landing page can seriously increase your domain.

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