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Monday Morning Marketeer 05-27-14 - 10 Must-Do Mid Year eCommerce Checkups

Monday Morning Marketeer 05-27-14
10 Must-Do Mid Year eCommerce Checkups
Hosted By: Joanne Quinn-Smith
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Today's Guest:
Steve Peck
Founding Partner, 8Pecks Marketing, LLC

Steve Peck is founder of 8Pecks Marketing, Inc where he and his team help businesses breakthrough the marketing doldrums that impede their growth.  While Instrumental in transforming a struggling 50 Million dollar manufacturer  into an international 270 million dollar powerhouse, Steve built the infrastructure to support the growth with minimal increases in overhead.

Steve has been solving complex business problems for 30 years, and continues to apply the latest technologies to create value for his clients.   He’s been an innovator on the internet since it was all dial up where he combines his love for business, marketing and technology.

A Graduate Scholar from Syracuse University, he earned an MBA in Marketing building on a degree in Physics.  Steve has been a top 20% distributor for a billion dollar nutrition company, promoted beer in glass bottles and has had buyers fly over 2,000 miles to buy a car from him.

10 Must-Do Mid Year eCommerce Checkups 
  1. Your website and checkouts are Mobile Responsive 
  2. “RICH” Content - quality articles, posts, images and videos 
  3. Site Performance - fast internet means your site needs fast response time 
  4. Micro Data - control how your data looks in Google, Bing, Yahoo 
  5. Multi Channel Sales - your site, store, Amazon, eBay, local sites 
  6. Store Allows Social Logins 
  7. Free, 2 Day Shipping 
  8. Live Chat Support 
  9. Planned Email Marketing 
  10. Planned Promotions

Preview of Part II:
Next time Steve will share a road map to utilizing Ezra Firestone and Ryan Diess's Black Box Formula.  He will address issues and answer questions about business models, market assessment, supplier and procurement platforms, blogs, social media, traffic sources, conversion, branding, business practices, Unique Selling Propositions and education resources.  It will be jam packed with information for you to dig in, get strategic, and GROW your business.

2777 Darlington Road | Beaver Falls, PA 15010
(724) 213-0545

Hosted By:
Joanne Quinn-Smith
Joanne Quinn-Smith is the Creative Energy Officer of Dreamweaver Marketing Associates in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a full service marketing company specializing in Web 2.0 Gorilla Branding™. Known as the Techno Granny she offers her clients unique, creative and energetic marketing and management plans. Joanne’s expertise is in creating online platforms that create perpetual buzz. 

Joanne is an author, prolific blogger and talkcaster with over 800 shows. She has interviewed over 2000 prominent business owners, non-profit executives and celebrities. Her flagship website, garners 220,000 hits per month, 62,000 unique page views per week and in 1 year had 2.25 million visitors. 

Joanne Quinn-Smith has been designated nationally, 2009 Small Business Journalist of the Year by the U.S. Small Business Administration for her advocacy and reporting on small business using New Media. Her good news reporting at PositivelyPittsburghLive was a finalist for best website or blog in Media for the American Business Stevie Award in 2010.  

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