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Positively Pittsburgh Live Celebrated 50th Show

Positively Pittsburgh Live Celebrated 50 shows on February 11, 2008. Positively Pittsburgh Live will celebrate 1 year on March 24th with Pittsburgh authors, third edition
With all of this hullabaloo, I still need your help. Last month I broke the 500 downloads per month barrier and this month I would like to break the 600 downloads a month mark. All you have to do is download and listen to shows that interest you on any of the calls listed here and pass this on to a friend who might listen also. Thanks for your help.

Positively Pittsburgh Live has a new format with editorial calendar.
January—Pittsburgh Technology
February—Black History Month
March—Pittsburgh as a culturalcenter
If you have suggestions for shows you can go to www.pospittlive.ning.com and post in the forum or e-mail with title: show suggestions as long as you keep within editorial calendar which is posted for March at:

I will also do special editions for Pittsburgh events with a worthy cause as you list my show in your promotional package as a media sponsor.
You can also e-mail me at: jqsdreamweaver@hotmail.com.
Please title subject line: “PPL editorial calendar”
Posiitvely Pittsburgh Live archives:
Listen at:

Techno Granny—30 minutes of techno talk and interviews to bring you up to date with 21st Century technology:
Episode 42--I Phone--My Phone, Your Phone, Whose Phone?
EPISODE41 - Yahoo, Not Just for Teenager-How Business Owners Use
EPISODE40 - RSS Feeds, Breakfast or Lunch? Debbie Ducic, of Gutzy Women.com
EPISODE39 - Voice Over IP, How Far Can I Call for 2 cents a minute?
EPISODE38 - Trends in E-Marketing, Don't Get an F!
EPISODE 36 - Web 2.0, a Web Date? Debbie Duccic of GutZyWomen.com
EPISODE 34 - No Website? Robert Faletti of Blue Archer on Launch Options
Listen to archived episodes at: Ithttp://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/tscmd/tc/30986

Monday Morning Marketeer, 9 AM every Monday, 15 minutes of guerilla marketing techniques for your business, inexpensive or no cost ways to promote your business or just to get you on the marketing concept track.
Listen to archive episodes at:
EPISODE28 - Catering to Customer Concerns
EPISODE27 - Book Marketing Tips
EPISODE26 - Branding in a B Bop World--What's in a Name?

Professionals with Impact, a half hour show featuring professionals that have a profound impact on the community at large or self improvement genre, both local and national interviews>

EPISODE 22 - Becky Gomes of Up a Notch Marketing
EPISODE18 - Kathy Morris of LNK Services, WBE
EPISODE15 -Janet W. Christy, Author of Captializing on Being Woman Owned
EP13 - Ann Martin of Law to Lipstick Fame
EP12 Suzanne Froehlich--Power Lunch & PowerProtection/HealthInsurance
EPISODE7 - Penny Haynes, On Line Community Mag, "Around Cherokee County
EPISODE6 - Deborah Levine, American Diversity Report
EPISODE4 - -PWI--Dan Friedman of Optimum Realty Corporation
EP 3- -PWI, Carol Carmichael of Carol's Restaurant, Pittsburgh, Pa
EPISODE5 - Mary Pam Kilgore of Kilgore Business Services
EPISODE2 - Jo Ann Forrester, Price It Perfect, Blue Ribbon Profiles
EPISODE1 - Weston Lyon-King of the Functional Fitness Jungle

Monday, February 25, 2008

Episode 28, Catering to Customer Concerns

EPISODE28 - Catering to Customer Concerns

Marketing concept requires that you determine customer’s needs and then fulfill them better than any of your competition. Your decisions should resonate in all facets of your business as the goal to better satisfy your customer needs and concerns.

This is not a new idea but an old idea. In a book “The Wealth of Nations” published in 1776, Adam Smith wrote that the needs of producers should be considered only with regard to the needs of consumers. It took the world over 200 years to implement this strategy wholeheartedly in business.

The process was a slow evolution that began with the industrial revolution. We then used the production concept. The prominent question was: can we produce the product? And then, can we produce enough of it?

Around the 1930’s sales concept prevailed. The prevailing concepts then were: will this product sell and will it sell enough to make us money? The door to door salesman was born with all of his high pressure techniques and sell at all costs mentality.

Finally the world of business woke up to the Marketing Concept defined by the number one question: What do the customers want? The corollary questions became:
Can we produce it while there is still need or interest in it and most importantly: how can we keep our customers satisfied? The marketing process is: to develop a product catering to prospective customers needs and to make the sole purpose of the customer service process, focus on customer needs. The final goal is to create a profit by focusing on customer needs over the long haul

To define this process a tried and true “marketing mix” is used that involves, the 4 P’s: Product, Price. Place (distribution) and Promotion. A producer of goods or services should always ask these questions about the product:
Is this something my customer’s needs? Have we considered the customer in regard to brand name, functionality, styling, quality, safety, packaging, repairs and support, warranty, and accessories or additional services to complement the product?

Price—will the prospective customer buy the product at this price? The pricing strategy should include the consideration of: suggested retail, volume discounts, cash and early payment discounts, seasonal pricing, bundling with other services, flexibility in pricing.

Place—have I made distribution easy? Careful consideration should be made with regard to the customers needs while designing distribution channels, market coverage, inventory management, warehousing, distribution centers, order processing, transportation, return policies.

Promotion: Is the message geared to my customers, wants, needs and desires?
Promotional decisions should be made on the basis of the push and pull for your product. Advertising policies should consider how it affects the clients. Personal selling and sales force should match the styles of customer’s. Careful attention should be paid to how product and the company are perceived by your clients. Public relations and publicity should mimic similar goals. What do your customers want to hear about you?
In all four facets of the marketing mix, the primary concern should be catering to your customer’s concerns and satisfying those concerns better than any of your competition.

This article may be reproduced in full with the following by-line:
(c) Joanne Quinn-Smith, "The Marketeer," Creative Energy Officer, Dreamweaver Marketing Associates and host of Monday Morning Marketeer archived at:
http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/tscmd/tc/33960; www.marketingmondaymorning.blogspot.com; 412-628-5048

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Take Advantage of this event Free for Breakthroughs in 2008

“Make Everything Great in 2008”
an entrepreneurial event featuring Les Brown
Friday, February 22, 2008 at 7:00 p.m.
at Mt. Ararat Baptist Church
Free Event Set to Motivate Aspiring and Existing Business Owners
World-Renowned Motivational Speaker Comes to Kick-Start the Year for Entrepreneurs in Pittsburgh

Mount Ararat Baptist Church’s Entrepreneurs for Christ and Amachi Pittsburgh have partnered to host
“Make Everything Great in 2008” an entrepreneurial event featuring Les Brown,
world-renowned motivational speaker, best-selling author, radio and television personality on Friday, February 22, 2008 at 7:00 p.m. at Mt. Ararat Baptist Church, 271 Paulson Avenue, in East Liberty.

This free event is open to aspiring and existing business owners and multi-level marketing professionals. Attendees can obtain a free ticket to the event at the following locations:
Mt. Ararat Baptist Church, Monday-Friday between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Dorsey’s Record Shop in Homewood
and Family Christian Store in Monroeville
Interested individuals can also RSVP by emailing contact@thedarkinsgroup.com
For more information about the event, please call Mt. Ararat Baptist Church at 412-441-1800 or The Darkins Group at 412-646-2238.

Les Brown delivers a high-energy message that assists professionals in shaking off mediocrity and living up to their greatness. His message is reflective of what he has learned from his own life, and one that he is helping others apply to their lives. Brown has had no formal education beyond high school, but with persistence and determination he has initiated and continued a process of unending self-education, which has distinguished him as an authority on harnessing human potential.

The event will be hosted by WPXI Anchor Darieth Chisolm and will feature Brown speaking to Pittsburgh’s entrepreneurs on how to impact their business and Pittsburgh’s business community by using their vision, discovering their purpose and igniting the drive the lies within all who inspires to greatness.


Mt. Ararat Baptist Church’s Entrepreneurs for Christ is an organization that meets monthly to assist aspiring and existing entrepreneurs. Their mission is to encourage, develop and support entrepreneurs by providing leadership, fellowship, education and resources for the advancement of the Church Kingdom.

Amachi Pittsburgh is a unique partnership of secular and faith-based organizations working together to provide mentoring to children of incarcerated parents. Faith institutions work with human service providers and public agencies (particularly justice institutions) to identify children of prisoners and match them with caring adults.

For more information about the event, please call Mt. Ararat Baptist Church at 412-441-1800 or The Darkins Group at 412-646-2238.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Episode 18 Enhane Your Image with Auto Responders

EPISODE18 -Enhance Your Image with Auto Responders
12/17/2007 09:00 AM EST
Auto responders can enhance your image. Today we will look at two, one paid and one free.

The solution to e-mail marketing and the volume of e-mail it represents is simple: Auto Responders.
Turn-key email marketing services, gives you auto responders, conversion tracking from lead generation to sale
and top-notch email deliverability.
There are two types from the Monday Morning Marketeers point of view: paid and free, so let’s start with an auto responder that you can get for a minimum fee and move on to one that is free.

GetResponse is an easy, web-based email marketing software that delivers your campaigns, offers, newsletters, follow-ups and auto responder messages.

GetResponse provides you with:
• Unlimited email marketing campaigns, auto responders, follow-ups, lists and broadcasts.
• 150+ professionally designed HTML templates.
• Powerful, cost-effective newsletter hosting.
• Professional email deliverability.
• Click-through, sales and revenue tracking.
• Top-notch support and training.
You can try it risk free.

Use it to build your list by adding a simple web form to your website in just two minutes which will help you to boost traffic and get more customers.
Add a simple web-form to your website in 2 minutes to build your list, boost your traffic, and get more customers. This may honestly take a little more time for those of us who are not super techno savvy. But, you get my drift.

A good auto responder has newsletter hosting that features increased deliverability using html format.

You can track your results.
Track your email marketing clicks, visitors, open-rates, undeliverables, sales and sign-ups!

You can build traffic to your blog since Buzz comes and goes. Retain your traffic by automatic mailings to your visitors whenever you update your blog.

Get Response Pro is $17.95 at regular wait. I would watch for specials.
Please do a comparison chart for yourself. Don’t trust those on others web sites although you may find their competitive analysis charts very reliable. Before you choose your auto responder, you need to ask yourself several questions. Ask yourself at least these three questions.
1. Is it the best value for your money?
2. Will my data be safe? Will your data be safe, make sure it’s a company that has been around for awhile.
3. Will my emails get through to my potential customers instead of being blocked by anti-spam filters and real-time blacklists?
1. FreeAutobot is of course a free service that gives you unlimited follow up e-mails with no advertisements and it’s 100% free.

You can automatically decrease your sales time by auto response posting of follow up e-mails to all of your leads.

FreeAutobot automatically sends e-mails to everyone who requests further information from your e-mail marketing campaign, web site or banner-advertisement within seconds.
2. Then, FreeAutoBot sends a continuous series of follow-up e-mail's to each of these leads.
3. You have control of the template of the e-mail and the timing.
4. You start with 200 Follow-up Messages that can be sent out to each and every one of your leads. If you want more ... simply sign up for more, it’s free.
5. You can have more than one free Autobot account.
How does Autobot make money? By providing various tools and offers on the web site..FreeAutoBot is a program that operates 24/7 with no effort on your part. It provides Instant Response, HTML or Text Letters, operates 24/7 and gives YOU Total Control. But be prepared for hype on upgrades and additional tools. Just like a smorgasbord, remember some you want because you need them and some will just make you fat.
Any good auto responder will enhance your professional image and improve the odds that you will make a sale. It’s fully automatic and is a great time management tool. You can change your e-mail letters anytime and your prospects will get an instant response. The letters are in HTML which ensures deliverability.

The Monday Morning Marketeer is not endorsing either of these products but simply giving you information in hopes that you will investigate and begin to use some type of autoresponder yourself.

You may reach me, Joanne Quinn-Smith, the Marketeer for additional marketing advice at 412-628-5048

Here's wishing you easy, inexpensive marketing until next time.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Check Out Upcoming Episodes and Listen to Past Episodes While You Work

I have noticed some serious downloading going on and wanted listers to know that there are many more shows than appear on the first page of Talk Shoe for Monday Morning Marketter.

So please chck out page 2 and 3 of the show listings. You can download for free and listen while your work on your computer or download to your MP-3 and listen on the drive to work or on errands. Happy Marketeering

Monday Morning Marketeer!

Listen live for fifteen minutes every Monday at 9 AM, (last fifteen minutes reserved for live or chat questions)
Listen at:

Description: Short tips for things you can do to market your business from Dreamweaver Marketing Assoicates, CEO, Joanne Quinn-Smith. Inexpensive self -marketing information, 15 minutes with 15 minutes for questions. Learn to easy, inexpensive tips for marketing your business with the Marketeer!
I have also listed past episodes that you can download to your MP3 or I pod and listen to later or you can turn on your computer and listen while you work.

Upcoming Episodes

02/11/2008 09:00 AM EST EPISODE26 - Branding in a B Bop World--What's in a Name?

02/18/2008 09:00 AM EST EPISODE27 - Book Marketing Tips

02/25/2008 09:00 AM EST EPISODE28 - Catering to Customer Concerns

03/03/2008 09:00 AM EST EPISODE29 - Get Your Google On!

03/10/2008 09:00 AM EDT EPISODE30 - Perfecting Your Publicity Plan

03/17/2008 09:00 AM EDT EPISODE31 - Tips for a Powerful Voice Presentation

Past episodes

EPISODE16 - Getting paid on Pay Pal

EPISODE17 - Free 800 acounts,

EPISODE18 -Enhance Your Image with Auto Responders

EPISODE19 – 12 Steps to Selling 12/24/2007 09:00 AM EST

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EPISODE11 - Branding with Creative Story Telling

EPISODE12 - Describe What You are Branding


EPISODE14 - Five Cost Free Marketing Ideas

EPISODE15 - So you want to consult on the phone and get paid?

Friday, February 1, 2008

Marketeer off to the Pentagon--No show Feb 4, 2008

The Marketeer is off to the Pentagon for Public Policy Days sponsored by WIPP(Women Impacting Public Policy). So, Because of conflicitng scheduling, there will be no MOnday Morning Marketeer on Talk Shoe on Monday, February 4, 2008.

The normal schedule will resume on Monday, February 11, 2008 at 9 AM Eastern Standard Time. Topic will be:

EPISODE26 - Branding in a B Bop World--What's in a Name?

What's in a name? Yahoo, Google, Ning! Blogger! How long will this craziness last and should you follow suit?