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Espisoe 21 Creating a List for Multi-Level Marketing

EPISODE21 - How to Create a List for a Multi-Level Business

If you are involved in network marketing or multi-level marketing or if you are looking to grow your business with a down-line, whatever you call it, you are going to need a list. Guess what, when you are in a multi-level business with no one else in it with you, you are probably not making money. So you need a list to get busy contacting people to get in business with you. This is probably the single most important tool in any multi-level busienss.

On this show I discuss three lists.

Warm List—A List
this is your friends and family, but unless you are unbelievably blessed you will blow through this rather quickly. Your friends and family are just a little to close to the forest to see the trees. You passion for your product probably does not impress them as they have seen you excited before and perhaps watched the excitement past. You may have to show your friends and family.

So now you move on to your Acquaintances, your B list. These are people who know you and like you but have not kept up with your day to day trials and tribulations. For this list you can go to places like your yearbooks, the parents of your child’s basketball team, PTA members, old sorority or fraternity sisters, your wedding guest list. You get the picture.

When you have exhausted this list are you out of business? Absolutely not. You just need to be where the people are and be the first person to stick out your hand and introduce yourself. This is commonly called cold contacting and establishes your C List, commonly called prospects, but often mistaken for suspects if they are not qualified for interest. A good way to do this is to use a forumula called FORM to establish rapport with your new acquaintance.
F, talk about family to establish rapport.
O, occupation to make sure that they have a job or business and can afford to get into business with you.
R, recreation, if they have a hobby that you can relate to, you can establish some synergy.
M, message, only after you have established some brief rapport in this way should you go for the big question of letting them know that you have an opportunity.

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EPISODE15 - So you want to consult on the phone and get paid?

So You want to be a telephone consultant?

Do you spend a great deal of time on the phone giving people advice for what you do for a living and not getting paid?

Do you feel taken advantage of because you give up your ideas and then don’t get the client?

Are you upset by the rising price of gasoline and the expense to visit clients?

Would you rather just work in your pajamas?

So perhaps the answer is to add telephone consulting to your repertoire?

No new ideas—WE DO, Donna Baxter of Soul Pitt, talked about getting paid through technology.

Kirsten Womack Implemented at Immakulate
Donna can be consulted with for a fee at:

From website

What is Ether?
Ether is a new division of Ingenio, which means we understand the telephone-meets-the-web thing as well as anyone. Our team, backed by the same investors as Ebay and Skype, built the telephony-and-web platform that has connected over 10 million phone calls and paid transactions. We're a profitable company that's ready for 10 million more

1. Suggestion: Get your free Ether Phone Number

Sign up for your Ether Phone Number: 1-888-MY-ETHER with an 8-digit extension that is unique to YOU. Set it to forward calls to your actual phone number - your cell, home, work, or any other number. It takes 2 minutes to set up and it's free. Not only will you be able to bill people but this will make you seem larger than you are.

2. Set your rate
How much is your time worth? $75 an hour? $15 for 15 minutes? $30 per call? Whatever you like. People will only be able to call you when they've prepaid your rate.

3. Take calls only when you want to
Your phone will never ring when you don't want it to. Just set the hours when you want to take calls by adjusting the automatic schedule - currently set so you don't get calls at night. Or, turn your Ether Phone Number on or off with the click of a mouse or by using your phone.

4. Market yourself
Put your Ether Phone Number on your business card, website, blog or wherever people can find you. Your actual phone number is kept private.

Click to Call. You can also get an Ether Button for your blog or website that lets customers know whether you're available to take calls. Clicking on your button guides them through the payment process with a simple web form.

5. Phone me the money

Your phone only rings when people prepay your rate. Ether bills their credit or debit cards and sends you your money via direct deposit or check. Ether 's commission is 15%, with no monthly fees, no setup fees, and no connection fees.

You can also set up to sell content on your web site.

Episode 25, January 28, 2008 Positioning yourself , your business, your product in the mind of others.

Episode 25, January 28, 2008 Positioning yourself, your business, your product in the mind of others.

EPISODE25 - Hello! You and your competitors are in the battle for continued attention of your customers and Prospective customer's mind. And the way to win this battle is not by having the best product or service, but by planting the right message in customers' heads and keeping it there.

How are you positioned in the mind of others and how are you keeping your message there?

I actually just did a seminar on thee ways to do that through National Association of Women Business Owners.

Using Talk Casts, Blogs and On Line Social Networks
to Create Brand Identity

(How “Techno Granny” Talk Casted and Blogged to a New Business)

Joanne Quinn-Smith, Creative Energy Officer of Dreamweaver Marketing Associates, has been known as: The Limo Lady, the Dreamweaver and lately Techno Granny. Hear her tactics for developing personal branding identity.

She will use real life examples of how internet technology can help with personal and business branding and her evolution from marketeer to talk caster to on line community magazine publisher has evolved.

Learning Objectives: • Learn Guerilla Branding Techniques Using the Internet
• How to set up, produce and promote a Talk Cast for little or no money.
• How to augment that Talk Cast by blogging.
• How to create additional networks on line to increase credibility.

Benefits of using these guerilla internet branding techniques:
• “Get Your Google” on by increasing internet visibility.
• Create Credibility by establishing yourself as an authority.
• Create a platform for seminars, webinars and yes, books.

This seminar will be available soon at and also at www.talkshoe on Techno Granny. The entire video seminar presentation will be available on my blogs, the Techno Granny Show and Marketing Monday Morning both at

In addition to talk casts and blogs and social networks, you need to create follow-up sales campaigns, courses, newsletters, ezines, online magazine, tips and others.

All of these things will position you as an authority. This campaign will position you as an expert or authority in your field.

Think about creating a list, building an ezine or online magazine that you can use to show your expertise in the subject or category that you sell your products, services or information.

The first thing you need to do, of course is build your list because as you probably have figure out if you are going to talk cast, blog, social network, on line magazine and sales campaign, you need a list. None of these things are worthwhile unless you have an audience or readers or members.

Additional info on this topic at, on Techno Granny Show, blog at:

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Episode 31 On Line Calendars--Is Your Dance Card Full?

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Listen at:

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Episode 24, Building Traffic on Your Website

"Building Traffic on Your Website”
Episode 24, Monday Morning Marketter

The most beautiful web site in the world does you absolutely no good if no one sees it,c clicks on it, runs through the pages, researches it and either comes back or buys from you. This Episode is about driving the traffic to your website. These are some steps to take to do just that but you must listen to the
Episode 24 of Monday Morning Marketeer for the full info.

1. Set up a Google Account, that way google knows you exist. Go to
2. Click on “I Google,” set up an account.
3. Put your profile in there—google will do the rest
4. I added all of my Talk Cast widgets from all of my shows
5. Once I started to blog, all five of my blogs are in there
6. You can also opt if it’s in your budget to use ad words.
7. Expand your marketing presence. With AdWords, you can get the attention of people entering over two hundred million search queries per day.
8. Get qualified leads. Your ads appear when people search for keywords you choose for your business. If you are careful to be specific about your niche, those who click on the keywords are already interested in your product or service.
9. Earn more. If you are an AdSense subscriber, you make money when people click your site's Google ads. Imagine the additional revenue you can earn through AdWords. That means that your ads are the ones that others are clicking on when they visit synergistic sites.
10. Keep your costs down. Relevant AdWords ads get better placement. If your ads are targeted, you can enjoy the most visible positions without necessarily paying more. Be careful to target a narrow niche for better results and economy.
11. Focus on your business outside of advertising. Create your ads. Set your budget. Activate your account. Then let AdWords bring new customers to you.

Do you have any links to your site yet?

If not then get some, you can always go out and ask someone to link to you, find sites that will add your link to your site, swap links, post messages on message boards or blogs give someone a testimonial that has your link after your name.

Sit down and think of ways to get links... be creative..

One cheap and easy way of getting a link to your site is by swapping with others.

Not all people understand that when it comes to free traffic to your website that having in-coming links to your website is one of the most important things you could do. Probably because they are not marketers or they are misinformed.

But, they are out there.

You can find sites all over over the internet just by doing a search using a few keywords of your choosing and putting the keywords into Google's search engine.
(I would recommend using Google, because if their website doesn't show up in Google, the link may be worthless to you, however, don’t ignore the “algorithm” of

Go to their site and you will see a link that says something like add URL, Resource Page, Links Page, or maybe even, Trade Links.
Click on it, and trade away.

For instance if you are a podcaster, you can post your links on:
Here’s a list of popular Podcast Directories. iTunes, Yahoo, Podcast Pickle, Blubrry, Podcast Alley, Digg, Podcasting News, Pod-Planet, PodZinger, Zencast,, Podcast Bunker, AllPodcasts, etc. Get started today

Now one thing you must know when it comes to swapping links...
...put their link on your site first then email them with your link, link title and description. This is really the best way to do it so you're not wasting their time and they know that you are serious.

Focus on finding links if you want free traffic.
Brick and Mortar agenda for boosting your traffic locally
speaking engagements
Panel discussions
Sponsor events that will provide your link in their e-marketing
Other Talk Casts to Refer to for additional info:
Techno Granny
Title: EPISODE38 - Trends in E-Marketing, Don't Get an F!
Time: 01/21/2008 07:00 AM EST
Episode Notes: Cathy von Bergelen of E-Biz-IT will keep you up to date with E-Marketing trends!
Listen archived at: 6

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Debbie Ducic of Gutzy Women Speaks about Web 2.0 and Dove Commercial

“Web 2.0...Beauty is in the Eyes of the Beholder” Never Meant THIS Before! Part 1
(Debbie Ducic uses example of Dove on line commercial contest as perfect example of Web 2.0 marketing. You can also hear Debbie's interview on Techno Granny, January 7 interview at:

The Beauty of Web 2.0

Just recently, I explained that one of the paradigm shifts that GutZy Women proposes and asks you to buy into is that technology can be just as beautiful as your favorite art form.

This is a case study I found 2 days ago (talk about timely!) about how Web 2.0 technological and creative capabilities allow and encourage normal citizens of the online world to become “Marketing Mavens”, creating commercials FOR MAJOR corporations, AND promote them on THE OSCARS!!!! Quite a fete when compared to the traditional ways of making and distributing commercials.

Since we'll be talking about Web 2.0 ALOT, and as an integral part of your GutZy Women education, rather than give a definition of what it is, I'll give you some real life examples I find that represent the soul of what Web 2.0 capabilities make available to us 'newbies". By doing so, those of you who "learn by example" can catch on quickly and easily.

These are also examples that represent BRILLIANT strategies, in my opinion, that can be "adapted and adopted", as Jay Abraham would say, to what YOU could do to put life into your own online marketing without a HUGE OUTLAY of time and money. But you have to act!

Just tonight, for example, I ran across a "Dove" website. Specifically, it's "Dove Cream Oil" that is the focus of what's being promoted. What makes it so UNIQUE is that instead of the Ad Agency creating the "commercial" of how WONDERFUL "DOVE Creme Oil" is... as we are use to in traditional marketing, this site provides YOU with the tools to CREATE YOUR OWN COMMERCIAL!

YES, you heard right…YOU CAN CREATE LIKE the BIG DOGS. Go for IT!

You use the video clips that they provide OR you can mix what they provide with video YOU create yourself. They give you the software to create it and a tutorial if you need it. The rules tell you how it works and how the winner might get their ad shown during the OSCARS!

There are over 600 ads already entered! If you don’t want to create one yourself, you can at least go watch them and give YOUR 2 cents about which one you liked best by voting for your favorites.

I voted 5 stars on 4 of them…Very creative and I could “relate”.

My favorite is a baby boomer woman (imagine that J ) talking about all of the things she had experienced in her life. Who better to know how much you deserve pampering than a REAL woman who has LIVED life (not a 20 year old model who got paid to play the part) and knows how important that can be when you’re stressed to the max?

Way better than a hyped – up, high pressure, 24 page sales page,
wouldn’t you agree?

Short, sweet, easy on the eyes and the senses and we’re “consulted” about our own idea of the “message” OR about which “message” appeals to us most. Sounds FUN to me…I love creating AND contributing... How ‘bout you?

Stay tuned to PART 2 of this article to discover WHY this business building idea is important to you and ideas HOW you can use this concept in YOUR business or fundraising efforts.


For more information:
Gutzy Women, LLC
624 N. Main St
Pueblo, CO 81003 US
(719) 334-3053

Custom Web Site Design & Ecommerce

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EPISODE18 , 12-17-08 -Enhance Your Image with Auto Responders

Auto Responders can save you time and increase your traffic and business
Auto responders give you email marketing service, conversion tracking and top-notch email deliverability. Auto responders also create a web-based e-mail marketing campaign for you for offers, newsletter, follow-ups and simple autoresponder messages. They also can give you click through sales and revenue tracking

Some companies: GetResponse—paid service
Free Autobot—free service

What You Get:
Add a simple web-form to your website in 2 minutes to build your list, boost your traffic, get more customers.

You will know who opened, deleted, responded to or purchased from you
Each time you blog all of your readers will be notified
1. Is it the best value for my money?
2. Will my data be safe? (I don't want to lose my priceless leads and subscribers in an event of server failure or company bankruptcy!)
3. Will my emails get through to my potential customers instead of being blocked by anti-spam filters and real-time blacklists?
4. Will I experience the highest level of customer support via toll-free phone, email and fax ?
Paid site investigated:
GetResponse PRO BRONZE
US $17.95 a month, Free Trial

Free Service Investigated

with NO ADVERTS and it's
100% FREE of Charge.

1. FreeAutobot automatically sends e-mails to everyone who requests further information from your e-mail marketing campaign, web site or banner-advert within seconds.
2. Follow up e-mails
3. You have control of when e-mails have been sent.
4. Repetition creates confidence in your customers, they find it easy to buy..
5. Increased professional image
6. start out with 200 messages, then ask for more
o No outside ads on your e-mails, just your info and unsubscribe disclaimer
Why is it free? Autobot makes money by providing you various tools and offers.

Great time management tool!


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Using Talk Casts, Blogs and On Line Social Networks to Create Brand Identity

(How “Techno Granny” Talk Casted and Blogged to a New Business)

Joanne Quinn-Smith, Creative Energy Officer of Dreamweaver Marketing Associates, has been known as: The Limo Lady, the Dreamweaver and lately Techno Granny. Hear her tactics for developing personal branding identity. She will use real life examples of how internet technology can help with personal and business branding and her evolution from marketeer to talk caster to on line community magazine publisher has evolved.

  • Learning Objectives:
  • Learn Guerilla Branding Techniques Using the Internet
  • How to set up, produce and promote a Talk Cast for little or no money.
  • How to augment that Talk Cast by blogging.
  • How to create additional networks on line to increase credibility. Benefits of using these guerilla internet branding techniques:
  • “Get Your Google” on by increasing internet visibility.
  • Create Credibility by establishing yourself as an authority.
  • Create a platform for seminars, webinars and yes, books.
  • When: Wednesday, January 23rd, 200811:30 Registration,
  • Lunch 12:00 -1:30pmWhere:
  • The Chadwick, One Wexford Square, WexfordCost: $25
    Click here to RSVP or for Online Tickets

    The Chadwick in WexfordOne Wexford Square Wexford, PA 15090724-935-5950From Downtown Pittsburgh:Route 279 to 79 North. Take Exit 73- Wexford. Bear right onto Route 910. Go approximately 2 miles. At stop sign - turn right onto Route 19 South. At red light where McDonalds is on right and Wright Nissan is on left, turn right onto Richards Road. Take the first right behind McDonalds. The Chadwick is the large building at end of driveway.

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Do You Have the Right Attitude About Marketing?

Do You Have the Right Attitude about Marketing?

What actions should I take to grow my business to a new level of productivity and profit?'
Does any of this sound familiar?
  • I have so many opportunities but can’t seem to close on any of them!
  • I have used marketing projects but not followed up and they haven’t made me money!
  • Marketing and sales goals seem to elude me and my sales staff.
  • My myriad ideas for new products are not making it off the drawing board.
  • Multiple revenue streams and passive income, what’s that?
  • My marketing efforts are scattered, and I am not sure what is working?
  • I only market out of desperation when sales fall off!
  • Marketing, why? It doesn’t work. The business will either come or it won’t!

If these very concepts are rolling around in your head or your business, then you need a marketing plan: Because:

  • Productivity and Profit can be your benchmarks!
  • Success is when opportunity and preparedness meet!
  • The fortune is in the follow-up!
  • Goals can be met and reset!
  • R & D is not just for Fortune Five Hundred’s. It’s for you!
  • Multiple revenue streams/passive income can be a reality!
  • Tracking your marketing only needs a system and education!
  • You need to market in good and bad times, especially good!
  • Marketing works with the right product and super service!

  • Dreamweaver Marketing for: S.W.A.T. analysis, Comparative Analysis, Niche Marketing Plans, Sales Programs!
    412-628-5048, ©Joanne Quinn-Smith(2006)
    Creative Energy Officer, Dreamweaver Marketing Associates