Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Generating News

Generating News*Newsrooms across the country are on the lookoutfor: -
Taxes, taxes and more taxes. Are you a financial entity inundated with customers? What are the common mistakes everyone seems to be making this year? What about the stress of taxes? Are you one of those last minute filers? Pitch this story like crazy. Newsrooms want to know. -

Gas prices are hitting the roof yet again! Industry folks say it's going to hit a record high. How will this impact your city, your state? What about your business, tourism or even your school district? -Are you a business that actually benefits from rising gas prices? Like bicycle retailers or motorcycle dealers? Great angle. Newsrooms will love it. -

April always brings out the spring cleaning stories. How about de-cluttering your home, garage, patio or even your backyard? What about experts who talk about how a little clutter can lead to more clutter? How does it impact us when we de-clutter or DON'T de-clutter? How does it affect your lifestyle, self-esteem, motivation?

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