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Monday Morning Marketeer, Web 2.0 Marketing Using Facebook to Promote Your Business

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Social Media sites like Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter have long been thought of by businesses as places for teenagers and geeks. That may have been true two or three years ago but now these sites have become places for adults
Online social networks have come along way since their roots as sites for chit-chat, exchanging music, and the like. They are now ushering in sweeping changes in how businesses promote their products and services, and in how business people communicate with each other.
It would be difficult not to notice the staggering growth of Facebook Facebook now has millions of members across the globe and the news is continually rife with acquisition rumors and investment by other large companies.

How FaceBook Works

FaceBook allows its users to connect with each other and share information by posting online profiles, including personal information and photographs, and then connecting to other users who share common experiences and interests.
According to Wikipedia, Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook while he was a student at Harvard University.[4] Website membership was initially limited to Harvard students, but was expanded to other colleges in the Ivy League. It later expanded further to include any university student, then high school students, and, finally, to anyone aged 13 and over. The website currently has more than 120 million active users worldwide.[5]

Connect with synergistic businesses on Facebook

Chances are that your colleagues and business contacts are on Facebook already. Invite them to become your friends.
The Wall, is a great place to post new services and services or opportunities that you are looking for.

Create a profile for your company

To create a foothold on Facebook, create a profile for your company.
1. Create an Excellent Profile- This is THE first step in utilizing Facebook efficiently. If you think of Facebook in terms of a marketing campaign, your profile page can be considered your “brand.” A strong profile should include: a professional picture, a picture is worth a thousand words. Also include your contact information, your website address, hello someone may want to contact you live instead of just writing on your wall. List your interests, I would list business interests and only add a few personal as that makes you appear to be more human and may be a starting point to building relationships.
• Invite your business colleagues, and customers to become your friends, creating a facebook network around your business.
• Make postings which will appear in your facebook friends newsfeeds. These can be about special offers and company news such as job postings.
• List your items in the facebook marketplace (see below)
2. Make you profile "Public". This allows users to view your profile without having your permission to be added to their "friends". Don't worry, however, your e-mail is still kept safe unless you choose to make your e-mail public as well.

3. Create an individual landing page for each social site. Instead of a visitor click on the link in your profile and being redirected to your company's homepage, redirect them to a welcome page for Facebook users. This is a GREAT way for capturing leads and giving your company a professional "edge" in the social realm.
4. Add Friends- This is what makes Facebook really special-the relationships it allows you to build and sustain. The more friends you have, the more affective your marketing and networking efforts will be. The most simple way to add friends is to use Facebook’s own tools to search for current friends already using the platform. You upload your e-mail addresses and look for current contacts who are already on Face Book. Once you have added all current friends, you can start adding acquaintances. One unique feature of Facebook is that is allows you to look at friends of friends. You can build up a huge network this way in no time.
Promote your Blog
Syndicate your Blog- You can syndicate your blog on your profile page. This basically means that every time you make a post, it will automatically show up on your profile page. More Exposure = More Readers = More Potential Leads.

Promote your newsletter or blog – FaceBook allows you to share information that is on your blog by either posting a note or by importing your external blog. You also have the option of integrating an RSS feed into your blog with special notes. When the blog is posted, the note is displayed in your profile and all your friends are notified about it. Other members can also add comments.

List your items in the marketplace
Do you sell something?
Facebook has a marketplace where items can be listed for sale. This is free and could be used promote items for sale on your website or eBay.
Use the Marketplace- Facebook has an online marketplace that allows you to list your services and products for free. This is a great way to gain exposure. You can also list certain things you are looking for.

Join Groups- You can join online groups within Facebook that are related to what you do. There are groups for consultants, coaches, and trainers…almost all professional service providers have some type of an online group. For instance these are the groups that interested me: New Media and Marketing, On Line Marketing, Marketing Professionals, Whose Who in Media. Get the picture, find some groups and make some new friends.

Promote your events – List your Events- Hosting a Teleseminar or speaking somewhere? Create an events page and invite all those you want. You can even see how many RSVP and get feedback from attendees. Marketing doesn’t get easier (or cheaper!) than this.
Create the event and then invite all your contacts to join. In addition to inviting groups, you also have the option of posting the event details in your profile so interested people can RSVP. To increase exposure keep your events open to anyone. What type of events can you create? Webinars and chats are popular for interaction. If you have a blog, as people to make comments. If you have a regular talkcast, invite all of your contacts to join.

Additional ways that you can use Facebook once you have established your contacts:
Use it as as an instant "mailer" to make sure that all of your customers are aware of special deals, update, new hires etc.
• You can also use FaceBook site as a big conference that you are the host and keynote speaker, schedule your webinars and on line events there, what a great way to get additional participants.
• Use Facebook as a daily networking event where customers & potential customers get to know you & therefore know your business.
• The key to social networking in business is that you have to be true to yourself & your practices. Decide as you do in all facets of business, what are your values and goals and pursue the same values and goals on line and off.

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