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MMM 7-27-09 „Crazy Saving” Twitter Tips
Twitter Tips

Sometimes I hear of new technology advances and I scratch my head. I did that a few years ago when I first heard of Twitter. But about three months ago, I bit the bullet and started @mariamarsala Then a week later, 9 people were following me. I was amazed. Today more than 500 individuals, I'm thinking, based on the content, that they're business owners are following me.

So today, after 2 1/2 months Twittering or Tweeting (the jury is still out on the wording) I provide you with the tips and tactics I'm using, so that you too can meet me on Twitter!

1. Keep every tweet you post in your a MS Word doc to reuse.
2. Give yourself a break and schedule your tweets using or
3. Retweet the same message during the day because you don't know when someone will be reading.
4. Put PLS RT (please retweet) at the end of appropriate messages so that your tweets get re-tweeted. It's that old fashioned "call to action" stuff that helps spread your marketing efforts.
5. Put a link to your twitter account in your email signature line for those tweeters you email.
6. Add your twitter (and other social networking account) information to your website's "contact us" page.
7. Open an account on or to snip those long urls and monitor who clicks on which tweets. SnipUrl will allow you to follow retweets.
8. Instead of using the main twitter home page for your tweets, manage everything on tweetdeck. This application offers columns and is easier to keep track of who sent you a DM, sent out a tweet and included your profile as well as adding columns to track specific people or key words. This application is very user friendly and well worth it.
9. You can also use tweetlater to have a presence on twitter the entire day. It will look like you are active on twitter even when you are taking a day off by presetting tweets and scheduling them to go out at specific times.
10. Stay true to your twitter followers and add only people who truly add interest, remember when followers look at your page, they see the tweets of those you are following.
11. Check out: -- interesting if you want to know the hottest topics and most common repeated tweets.
12. Also, if you really want to push twitter - post your twitter account everywhere - electronic signatures, website link, business cards, etc...
13. There are also some cool pre-built free tools like to add to your blog/website.
14. The hash mark (#) before a word in a post allows you to tag that post for that word. However, in order to get tracked via a hash tag, you need to opt-in and follow Once you’re following Hashtags, every time you make a post in Twitter and tag it with a hash mark like so: #iPhone, it will then show up as a real-time post on
15. Here is yet another site that you can use that makes use of hash marks. This site allows you to see who has been using the hash mark you enter within their posts and how many times they’ve done so. Note that when you visit this site you don’t have to enter the hash symbol (#) in the search box. Use this to track your progress, it’s important to get people to retweet what you tweet.
16. Hashmarks can also allow your tweets to automatically post to a particular group or a community website, be used to enter you into contests and serve other related functions.
Use a hashmark related to a public event that you attend (#eventname). Posting the name of the event with the preceding hashmark publishes your tweet to a related community website, So, they definitely serve a wide array of purposes.
17. Sometimes there will be a seminar that many people are attending and they’ll have a hash mark code that they use to identify that seminar. Sometimes people will have a tweetup locally where people on Twitter who live in the same location will get together. Then they’ll use something like #dmtweetup to identify that group.
18. If you’re interested you can also visit and enter in a hashtag such as #protection and see all posts that have been made with that hashtag. Not just the ones from people you’re following.
19. Livestream launches
Twitcam ( – powered by Livestream.
Twitters users need only to log in to using an existing Twitter user name and password and press the ‘go live’ button. Twitcam automatically detects the camera, creates a page and live video player for the broadcast, and posts the link in the user’s Twitter feed so followers can join in live.
Twitter-centric services for sharing photos and videos have been exploding and are in high demand by twitter users. Twitcam fills the application void for those wanting to stream live and chat with their followers with a single click.
The service is also interactive as it enables viewers to chat over twitter while watching the live feed. Twitcam is free and available today at
Twitcam, which went from concept to launch in less than one week, was developed using the soon to be launched Livestream API (application programming interface).
The Livestream API handles live streaming scalability, server-based recording and player development. This frees developers to focus on the user experience and marketing their newly created service. With the Livestream API, other developers will be able to launch their own live streaming services in days.
Check it out !
20. Have fun, be creative, act like a real person but also provide useful information

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