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MondayMorningMarketeer, Traditional vs. Social Media or New Media Advertisement

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What do these diverse businesses have in common?

  • ·         Ben and Jerry’s,
  • ·         Pizza Hut
  • ·         Victoria’s Secret
  • ·         Itunes
  • ·         Starbucks
  • ·         Pringles
  • ·         Red Bull
  • ·         Coca Cola

Found these sites in August of 2009 to be the most successful of business Facebook Fan Pages.
From Coca Cola to Causes, From Red Bull to Reactions, From Starbucks to Sales, From I Tunes to Industry, social media and new media advertisement is catching on!

According to Mashable:  In the U.S., about 100 million unique visitors flock to the social network every month. Many business owners are among them, using Facebook profiles to promote their companies and create customer communities.

Advantages of Facebook Fan Pages.  You can use creativity, it’s interactive.  You can ask questions of your patrons and fans.  This is interactive advertisement at it’s best.  And if it works it’s a living testimony on the net to what worked and the results will now come up in search engines.   And for now other than designing your Fanpage, it’s still free.

You can Niche and Target  If you choose to do ads with Facebook which are going to cost you, you can chose who you target.  People who use social networks often divulge a plethora of personal information in their profiles, which can prove useful to advertisers.   Facebook lets you pick and choose which groups you would like your ads to reach. Companies can target ads based on a user's profile information, such as age, gender, location, college, relationship status, and interests. You can choose to target people who are fans of your company's Facebook page or friends of your fans.  Or avoid your fans altogether, if your goal is to broaden your pool of customers.

Can’t do this with TV, radio and print, you are just out there and sometimes it’s equivalent to pissing in the wind.

With Traditional you are stuck, with New Media you can Test, test -- and test some more

Ad prices on Facebook are determined by auction, as they are on Google AdWords. So you can get some good deals.  You can pay based on either the number of times people see the ad or the number of times people actually click on it. Imagine however spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on traditional print or broadcasting ads with no conversions and you are stuck with the contract.  Online media is much more flexible.  If you test it and it is not working then do something else and test it again.
One of my personal favorites is LinkedIn.  Join a bunch of groups and put up useful, thoughtful discussions.  As Dan Kennedy, Marketing Guru says, it pays to be out there but the operative phrase here is “you are not paying. “ Additionally I prefer the organic way of doing business and Twitter is also one of them.

Twitter has come a long way from just, “Let’s follow each other on twitter.”  You can’t possibly follow all those people’s tweets.  So I use twitter Lists.  Here’s what Mashable, the premier online marketing site says:   “… you can create a list that groups together people for whatever reason (the members of your family, for example), and then you can get a snapshot of the things those users are saying by viewing that list’s page, which includes a complete tweet stream for everyone on the list. Lists allow you to organize the people you’re following into groups, and they even allow you to include people you’re not following.”

For instance publicity hound that I am, I have media lists and follow others media lists. I also follow lists of marketing people!  Why you ask?  Because marketing people are the biggest supporters and purchasers of marketing tools, webinars and seminars.  Cross learning is rampant in the business. I am sorry but Nielsen ratings are not as real time as “trending topics” are fickle and change from day to day.

I also suggest Google Trending Topics.  You can find out what people are talking about and link it to your advertisement campaign.
But we are talking about advertisement.  Tim Kendall, Facebook's director of monetization says it's worth testing both payment types on Facebook ads to see which is more cost effective.   David Berkowitz, senior director of emerging media and innovation for 360i, a digital marketing agency suggests spending about $20 or so for a small ad buy using both methods. "It's incredibly cheap to run tests," says Berkowitz. Look at your click throughs and also analyze your conversion rates.

Track your ROI

On anything that you do you should be able to track your ROI.  Online advertising allows you to use many tracking tools.  For the sake of this broadcast we like Google Analytics.  With traditional advertisement on TV and Radio and in print, you have to use a complicated promo code which buyers may or may not use and let’s face it, it’s one more deterrent to purchase because it requires another step.

If it’s broke, fix it

Many companies write their own ads, which may include a short headline, ad copy of 135 characters or fewer, and a small image. Careful crafting and recrafting of your short messages whether they are ad words, tweets, linked in or Facebook updates can be changed easily if you are not getting response.  If a contracted ad is not working, you are paying to get it redone.
For Facebook's list of common advertiser mistakes, go to

Finally what about advertising on archived podcasts and Talkcasts.  When you advertise on terrestrial radio or network or cable television, once your spots are over, they are over.   But if you advertise on a Talkcast or podcast, it’s normally archived ad infinitum.  Traditionally listeners listen to Talkcasts, podcasts and webinars through archives long after the fact.

As a matter of fact for a little shameless self promotion, I have four niche Talkcasts where you can advertise, depending on your niche and the price is right!
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