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MondayMorningMarketeer, Six Trade Show Tips to Cultivate Internal Enthusiasm

Monday Morning Marketeer, Trade Show Tips, Cultivate Internal Enthusiasm 

Episode Notes: On my refrigerator is a hand made sign in a magnetic placard that says," Enthusiasm" This is not a once a day or once a week proposition. A millionaire network marketer, Dexter Yeager, said, "nothing happens until someone gets excited." Enthusiasm, excitement, these are things your exhibit personnel at trade shows must exude. But it's not something you can cultivate of a day or several hours during the trade show, it's a day to day, week, by week, hour by hour propositon.  Developing an Enthusiastic Culture in and outside the workplace is not just a week before campaign, it’s a day to day, lifetime of your business proposition.
Dale Carnegie, author of the classic book "How to Win Friends and Influence People," once said, "Act enthusiastic and you will be enthusiastic."

3rd Annual NAWBO Day Program Cover,
What a Title for a Trade Show Conference!
1.  You are the People You Associate With  
Surround yourself with positive people. Optimism can be contagious. Gather up a team of happy-go-lucky, energetic people who will feed into your self-esteem and create some infectious positive energy.  Ask your employees how you can boost morale.   Get some input.   Make the morale of your employees a priority everyday just not before and during a trade show.
Have a contest and if it’s just you, have your own contest and reward yourself for how much you get done.
Greet your employees every day with a smile and anticipate them smiling back.

2.  Action Cures Eveyrhing
Get busy on a new project or tackle a big obstacle. There's no better way to breathe energy into a stale state than to start something new and exciting.
Seek out things that you and your company and employees are genuinely enthusiastic about.
What are the great things about your company?
For an example, an associate of mine was introducing herself as Five Time Past President of the Greater Pittsburgh Chatper of National Association of Women Business Owners.  I asked her how much money she had helped to raise for small business owners and she then realized it was over forty million dollars.  She got excited about that.  She now introduces herself as a thirty year veteran business consultant who has helped to raise over forty million dollars in difficult loans for small businesses. 
When analyzing my results as an internet TalkCast host I calculated that I had accumulated over 500,000 unique listeners nationally and internationally.   I have also established the FIRST Pittsburgh Internt Radio and TV Network,
A client Sanna Carapellotti put a former Super Bowl Champion Steeler to Sleep with her Sleep CD.  When you can put a Super Bowl Champion to sleep with a voice CD, that’s something to get excited about.  Everyone knows that better athletes need better sleed.
Don’t just put these things into your brochures but on your lips and the lips of your employees.  Remember the apple does not fall far from the tree, what you are excited about your employees and customers will be too.  Excitement is contagious. 

3.  Garbage In, Garbage Out
There are only so many ways to say one thing and countless motivational authors probably starting with “As a Man Thinketh, So Is He” promote the adage that:  YOU BECOME WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT THE MOST.
So send yourself and your employees a Thought for The Day
Make it mandatory to read something positive every day, Great Book, “Attitude Determines Altitude.”
  • Don’t like the menu in the cafeteria today, try to find something about it to be enthusiastic about. Even if      it’s just that it’s hot and you don’t have to go out for it.
  • ·         Are you sitting next to a person you absolutely can’t stand?   Use this time to get to know them better, you might have some common ground you did not know about.
  • ·         Yes, there is a downturn in the commodity and your competitors may be folding up, find the opportunity here.
  • ·         Need  to cut costs, ask your employees to help you figure out a way to do that without letting anyone go.
  • ·         Here’s one for you, give an award for the employee who smiles the most both in front of customers and other employees.  Let the other employees vote, bet you will automatically have a more enthusiastic environment.  Great practice by the way for a trade show if they are doing it all the time.

4.  Without Purpose You are a Ship Without a Sail
What is the purpose of your business, not just the profit motive.
For instance I help people “Get Their Google On!”  I help people get found on the internet and they can afford to pay me, although I am not cheap, because of what I teach them to do for free and more effectively.
A Landscaper might be Beautifying America One Yard at a Time
Esspa Kozmetika in Aspinwall, Pa answers the phone,  “How can I make your day a little better?”

5.  Know What You Stand For
A great quote:  “If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.”  Eleanor Roosevelt
What do you stand for?
What’s your perspective, if it’s just to make money, then make it fast, sell the business and GET OUT!
Perspective is important to have a truly successful business.  Both you and your employees need to know why you are in business.  Does each employee know your mission statement?  Before they go to a trade show, they should.

6.  Transfer the Enthusiasm 


So now you are saying, what does all of this have to do with a trade show.  Well I guess what I am saying is if you don’t have these five things in place then SAVE YOUR MONEY.  Don’t go until you do your homework.  But if you are ready then don’t go without a promotion whether it is a really good deal or a great giveaway but Let Your Call To Action for Your Customer be YOUR PATH TO BETTER AND MORE BUSINESS.  Do not go to trade show without a promotion about which you are absolutely excited that even the competition will have to get excited about and say, “Now Why Didn’t I think of that?”
Next time, what to give away at a Trade Show.

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