Saturday, December 22, 2007

Start your Monday Morning Off with a Marketing Bang!

Want to start your week off with a bang?! Get your mind on marketing and selling with;

Monday Morning Marketeer!

Listen live for fifteen minutes every Monday at 9 AM, (last fifteen minutes reserved for live or chat questions)
Listen at:

Description: Short tips for things you can do to market your business from Dreamweaver Marketing Associates, Creative Energy Officer, Joanne Quinn-Smith. Inexpensive self -marketing information, 15 minutes with 15 minutes for questions. Learn to easy, inexpensive tips for marketing your business with the Marketeer!

I have also listed past(archived) episodes that you can download to your MP3 or I pod and listen to later or you can turn on your computer and listen while you work.


EPISODE19 – 12 Steps to Selling 12/24/2007 09:00 AM EST

EPISODE20 - Self content management for your website! 12/31/2007 09:00 AM EST

EPISODE21 - Tips for a Powerful Voice Presentation 01/07/2008 08:00 AM EST

EPISODE21 - How to Create a List for a Multi-Level Business 01/07/2008 09:00 AM EST

Past (Archived) Episodes

EPISODE 1 - Monday Morning Marketing, Business cards

EPISODE2 - Monday Morning Marketing—Common Mistakes Made on Business Cards

EPISODE3 - Additional ways to use your business card

EPISODE4 - Ten inexpensive Tips for Marketing Your Business

EPISODE5 - Writing Press Releases

EPISODE7 - Branding What is it?

EPISODE 8 - Investigating Personal Branding--Are you a Rolls Royce or a Subaru?

EPISODE9 - Create Your Own Brand

EPISODE10 - Brand Your Uniqueness with Your Strenghts

EPISODE11 - Branding with Creative Story Telling

EPISODE12 - Describe What You are Branding


EPISODE14 - Five Cost Free Marketing Ideas

EPISODE15 - So you want to consult on the phone and get paid?

EPISODE16 - Getting paid on Pay Pal

EPISODE17 - Free 800 acounts,

EPISODE18 -Enhance Your Image with Auto Responders

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