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Web 2.0, Using LinkedIn to Create Business Credibility

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There are an estimated 30 million experienced professionals from 150 industries on Linked In, what a board of directors or live networking meeting that would be and you don’t have to get out of your pajamas.

By resourcefully utilizing LinkedIn, you can brainstorm with industry leaders and network and meet people without leaving your home. Your recommendations by trusted business associates, clients and colleagues are posted for all to see. What a rainbow of collaboration, recommendation and collective knowledge.
But to make this on line collage work, there are things that you have to do.

Please if your profile says, 55% complete, you don’t get it. If it says 85% complete you are closed to getting it, why not go the extra mile.

1. Fill out your profile completely. This means a photo, your website links, links to your blog, and all your past jobs or businesses. If you are a serial entrepreneur or hold several volunteer positions or additional jobs, please do list them. Also list your education, recommend other associates, add a summary and ask others for recommendations. Refer to previous post and show on Creating a Dynamic On Line Profile.

2. Connect with people that can help your business
. Real time connections that are in the trenches just like you. This is not in the numbers as per I have 500 connections, it’s about quality and synergy with what you do. Think about it, you can only keep up with so many groups and so many people. You must think, “does this person’s profile have some synergy with what I do? Does she have some contacts that can help me. Do I have some contacts that can help them?”

3. Maximize your online exposure by taking your profile public. Often if you search on a person, their LinkedIn site comes up as the first page on a search engine. So take the big kid pill and make your profile public.

4.. Position yourself as an expert. New clients want to hire people who are experts in their field. My old entertainment savvy tells me that if you have got it you have to flaunt it because no one is going to do it for you. Block off some time each day to answer questions in your field of expertise. This will usually come from the groups you join.

5. LinkedIn "Answers" feature has created a “knowledge base” where you can get advive on all types of topics that can save you time, money and heartache. There are experts here willing to answer your questions to let others know their expertise. You literally have hundreds of experts at your finger tips. LinkedIn Answers has an extensive user base, makes use of LinkedIn's network topology, and has a ’suggest an expert’ feature. Linkedin is a social network for business people and professionals, so due to its positioning many of its users are experts in their specific areas. Most experts have to specialize to get a deep knowledge in a certain area.
6. Find a couple of groups are synergistic to your business. You spend a lot of time networking in person, why not save your gas and dry cleaning bills and do some on line networking. Find some groups where you can hook up with dynamic professionals who are movers and shakers in groups that can stretch your professional acumen, add to your knowledge base or increase your network. You can do this from the comfort of your computer.

7. Pimp out you Linked in page like you would pimp out your blog. Whether you want to share a workspace with your colleagues, upload a series of slides or attract new readers for your WordPress or Blogspot blog, be sure to check out the latest bells and whistles that you can use to facilitate the end result you are looking for.

8. Use Your Second and Third Degree Connections. This is a great way to get connected with those you may be acquainted with but not know well, you can send invites telling of your connections with others to establish your credibility or you can use those contacts to introduce you. It’s often a great non-threatening way to build your network and meet new people that can help your business or vice versa.

9. Your best customers are your best referrals: In person or on LinkedIn, you best referrals will come from satisfied customers. Do go to your address book and select those clients or associates who will give you a good recommendation.

10. Treat your LinkedIn Profile like an on line media room, celebrate your success, celebrate new developments and your niche expertise. Whether you are a rooster or a hen you can still crow about yourself. Be sure to fill out “specialties” and “Summary” on your LinkedIn Profile.

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