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Episode 25, January 28, 2008 Positioning yourself , your business, your product in the mind of others.

Episode 25, January 28, 2008 Positioning yourself, your business, your product in the mind of others.

EPISODE25 - Hello! You and your competitors are in the battle for continued attention of your customers and Prospective customer's mind. And the way to win this battle is not by having the best product or service, but by planting the right message in customers' heads and keeping it there.

How are you positioned in the mind of others and how are you keeping your message there?

I actually just did a seminar on thee ways to do that through National Association of Women Business Owners.

Using Talk Casts, Blogs and On Line Social Networks
to Create Brand Identity

(How “Techno Granny” Talk Casted and Blogged to a New Business)

Joanne Quinn-Smith, Creative Energy Officer of Dreamweaver Marketing Associates, has been known as: The Limo Lady, the Dreamweaver and lately Techno Granny. Hear her tactics for developing personal branding identity.

She will use real life examples of how internet technology can help with personal and business branding and her evolution from marketeer to talk caster to on line community magazine publisher has evolved.

Learning Objectives: • Learn Guerilla Branding Techniques Using the Internet
• How to set up, produce and promote a Talk Cast for little or no money.
• How to augment that Talk Cast by blogging.
• How to create additional networks on line to increase credibility.

Benefits of using these guerilla internet branding techniques:
• “Get Your Google” on by increasing internet visibility.
• Create Credibility by establishing yourself as an authority.
• Create a platform for seminars, webinars and yes, books.

This seminar will be available soon at and also at www.talkshoe on Techno Granny. The entire video seminar presentation will be available on my blogs, the Techno Granny Show and Marketing Monday Morning both at

In addition to talk casts and blogs and social networks, you need to create follow-up sales campaigns, courses, newsletters, ezines, online magazine, tips and others.

All of these things will position you as an authority. This campaign will position you as an expert or authority in your field.

Think about creating a list, building an ezine or online magazine that you can use to show your expertise in the subject or category that you sell your products, services or information.

The first thing you need to do, of course is build your list because as you probably have figure out if you are going to talk cast, blog, social network, on line magazine and sales campaign, you need a list. None of these things are worthwhile unless you have an audience or readers or members.

Additional info on this topic at, on Techno Granny Show, blog at:

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