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Espisoe 21 Creating a List for Multi-Level Marketing

EPISODE21 - How to Create a List for a Multi-Level Business

If you are involved in network marketing or multi-level marketing or if you are looking to grow your business with a down-line, whatever you call it, you are going to need a list. Guess what, when you are in a multi-level business with no one else in it with you, you are probably not making money. So you need a list to get busy contacting people to get in business with you. This is probably the single most important tool in any multi-level busienss.

On this show I discuss three lists.

Warm List—A List
this is your friends and family, but unless you are unbelievably blessed you will blow through this rather quickly. Your friends and family are just a little to close to the forest to see the trees. You passion for your product probably does not impress them as they have seen you excited before and perhaps watched the excitement past. You may have to show your friends and family.

So now you move on to your Acquaintances, your B list. These are people who know you and like you but have not kept up with your day to day trials and tribulations. For this list you can go to places like your yearbooks, the parents of your child’s basketball team, PTA members, old sorority or fraternity sisters, your wedding guest list. You get the picture.

When you have exhausted this list are you out of business? Absolutely not. You just need to be where the people are and be the first person to stick out your hand and introduce yourself. This is commonly called cold contacting and establishes your C List, commonly called prospects, but often mistaken for suspects if they are not qualified for interest. A good way to do this is to use a forumula called FORM to establish rapport with your new acquaintance.
F, talk about family to establish rapport.
O, occupation to make sure that they have a job or business and can afford to get into business with you.
R, recreation, if they have a hobby that you can relate to, you can establish some synergy.
M, message, only after you have established some brief rapport in this way should you go for the big question of letting them know that you have an opportunity.

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