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Episode 24, Building Traffic on Your Website

"Building Traffic on Your Website”
Episode 24, Monday Morning Marketter

The most beautiful web site in the world does you absolutely no good if no one sees it,c clicks on it, runs through the pages, researches it and either comes back or buys from you. This Episode is about driving the traffic to your website. These are some steps to take to do just that but you must listen to the
Episode 24 of Monday Morning Marketeer for the full info.

1. Set up a Google Account, that way google knows you exist. Go to
2. Click on “I Google,” set up an account.
3. Put your profile in there—google will do the rest
4. I added all of my Talk Cast widgets from all of my shows
5. Once I started to blog, all five of my blogs are in there
6. You can also opt if it’s in your budget to use ad words.
7. Expand your marketing presence. With AdWords, you can get the attention of people entering over two hundred million search queries per day.
8. Get qualified leads. Your ads appear when people search for keywords you choose for your business. If you are careful to be specific about your niche, those who click on the keywords are already interested in your product or service.
9. Earn more. If you are an AdSense subscriber, you make money when people click your site's Google ads. Imagine the additional revenue you can earn through AdWords. That means that your ads are the ones that others are clicking on when they visit synergistic sites.
10. Keep your costs down. Relevant AdWords ads get better placement. If your ads are targeted, you can enjoy the most visible positions without necessarily paying more. Be careful to target a narrow niche for better results and economy.
11. Focus on your business outside of advertising. Create your ads. Set your budget. Activate your account. Then let AdWords bring new customers to you.

Do you have any links to your site yet?

If not then get some, you can always go out and ask someone to link to you, find sites that will add your link to your site, swap links, post messages on message boards or blogs give someone a testimonial that has your link after your name.

Sit down and think of ways to get links... be creative..

One cheap and easy way of getting a link to your site is by swapping with others.

Not all people understand that when it comes to free traffic to your website that having in-coming links to your website is one of the most important things you could do. Probably because they are not marketers or they are misinformed.

But, they are out there.

You can find sites all over over the internet just by doing a search using a few keywords of your choosing and putting the keywords into Google's search engine.
(I would recommend using Google, because if their website doesn't show up in Google, the link may be worthless to you, however, don’t ignore the “algorithm” of

Go to their site and you will see a link that says something like add URL, Resource Page, Links Page, or maybe even, Trade Links.
Click on it, and trade away.

For instance if you are a podcaster, you can post your links on:
Here’s a list of popular Podcast Directories. iTunes, Yahoo, Podcast Pickle, Blubrry, Podcast Alley, Digg, Podcasting News, Pod-Planet, PodZinger, Zencast,, Podcast Bunker, AllPodcasts, etc. Get started today

Now one thing you must know when it comes to swapping links...
...put their link on your site first then email them with your link, link title and description. This is really the best way to do it so you're not wasting their time and they know that you are serious.

Focus on finding links if you want free traffic.
Brick and Mortar agenda for boosting your traffic locally
speaking engagements
Panel discussions
Sponsor events that will provide your link in their e-marketing
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