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Monday Morning Marketeer, To Tweet or Not to Tweet Your Blog!

To tweet or not to tweet, your blog! It’s not Shakespeare but if you quote him and add his name, many people will follow you. Also if you can tweet out someone else’s tweets that have a RT directive and if you can tweet out people to follow so that you can make new friends, why wouldn’t you tweet your blog.

With the clutter of your prospects and client’s e-mails keeping conscientious e-mail readers like me up at night, Lord knows you have got to engage your readers somewhere else besides e-mail, so why not tweet?

The idea by all means is to tweet valuable and interesting content so if your blog has valuable and interesting content, and I am sure it does or why would you waste your time on it then twitter tout it. By all means cast out your line in the Twitterville fishing hole and hope that you catch some extra fish, that is readers.

Tweeters converted to readers are not a bad thing. Do I sound corny? Am I making light of twitter? Well, yes and no! Just the idea of twitter and that little blue bird and 140 characters, come on—it’s a veritable microwave marketing miracle. And thereby twitter is by nature a light subject although not to be made light of in marketing. So go on, you know you want to, tweet your blog. And also if you are not using everything in your arsenal to develop your presence on line and in the social media world then someone should give you a swift kick in the trump, not Donald but a twitter double entendre.

Instructions from Twitter Feed:

Tweeting your new blog posts is a great way to engage your readers, and something that most serious bloggers have already espoused. An easy way to do this is through Twitterfeed, which automatically updates Twitter with each new blog post. Here's how to set it up: Head on over to the Twitterfeed site, click Sign In with OpenID or create an account with your e-mail address and a separate pass code. Then type in your Blogger blog's URL. Once you've registered you'll then be taken to the New Feed page where you can start linking blog feeds to your Twitter account.First click the Connect your feed to Twitter Account button, which will prompt you to enter your Twitter login credentials to authorize Twitterfeed's access. You will get a nice little confirmation once you've successfully linked up your Twitter Account.Next just enter a name for your feed, as well as your blog's Feed URL into the form. If you want to customize your feed's settings you can modify frequency, add prefixes, and even create keyword filters. Otherwise you're all set—Create Feed button and your Twitterfeed is enabled.You can always come back later to the Twitterfeed site and modify your feed settings, as well as look at click-through metrics for existing feeds.

Great article at

“John Merrick and Soren Jordansen just released a tool called Tweet My Blog that makes it easy to automatically post new updates to your blog to using a WordPress plug-in.Tweet My Blog provides a way to link your blog postings to Twitter so your followers there will be informed each time you update your blog.They also provide a widget that you can add to your blog that takes the information flow the other way. You can show your latest tweets on your blog.The use of both the plug-in and the widget completes the flow of information between and your blog and provides more links to what you are writing about, and this should increase the number of people who read your blog. If they then decide to follow you on Twitter, you should see an additional increase as more people learn about you and what you are doing.Both the plug-in and the widget are provided for free, at least for now. John and Soren are both good at earning an income, so I don't know if Tweet My Blog will continue to be free in the future. Maybe it will, maybe it won't.”
Dimitry says:
“Here is a great free tool to get this done and also schedule future posts:
MLM-Branding-Specialist says:
“I think it's a great idea, and even before I know of this plug-in I was doing so. The fact is, if you're active and informative you're usually able to build up a following on Twitter before you can for your blog. In this way, Twitter can be used to stream in new readers, and can then be used for conversation surrounding your latest blog post.”
Now the Monday Morning Marketeer and the ever so subtle self horn tooter in me says don’t be Marlo Thomas in “That Girl” and always be tweeting or pimping your own stuff. I know I am dating myself but then I am also known as “The Techno Granny.” So get over it. And speaking of getting over it, if you are going to tweet your blog, you also need to get over yourself.
You need to do things like ask questions and give tips. You must chronicle important events and projects in your community and of your friends and associates. Cross promotion of other people makes you a resource and if the people you promote are smart they will reciprocate. Everyone wins. It’s a veritable Twitter Economy. Oh excuse me, that is probably someone’s twitter name or an already taken hashtag.
The clue here is to keep everything related. If your Twitter account is business-related, keep it professional. Don't add in random tweets about personal life. “I scratched my arm just now” is not only not going to make sense three months from now, but it also is not very interesting right now. The more relevant and related your content is, the better it's understood and the more followers you'll gain! Also remember one thing and that is all of your tweets, including your blog appear in Google and search engines under your name, yes your name.
Here’s some info right from the delicious blog
Aug 7 2009
Sharing Made Easier: Email and Tweet Your Bookmarks
Earlier this week Delicious released a series of significant improvements and each day this week we spent some time exploring each of these improvements. This post concludes our series of deep dives.A part of the fun of discovering something new on the Web is sharing it with friends. We’ve made it easier to share your bookmarks on Delicious when you use our Firefox extension or bookmarklets. Instead of copying and pasting an URL, you can now email or tweet your bookmark directly from Delicious.
How it WorksPreviously, sharing a bookmark with another Delicious user required using a particular syntax or copying and pasting the URL into an email or tweet. Now, you can share it directly when you save or edit the bookmark. To share a bookmark, simply add recipients in the new Send field when you save or edit the bookmark. Click the Send field and you will see the Send tab with social network options.
For Twitter UsersIf you use Twitter and want to send bookmarks to your Twitter feed, associate a Twitter account (only a single Twitter account can be associated at one time) by logging into Twitter under the Twitter panel. You have the option to send all your saved bookmarks to Twitter by selecting the “Tweet all bookmarks unless private” checkbox when you add the Twitter account. If you’ve selected this option, your Twitter account will appear by default in the Send field.”

Okay this is the Monday Morning Marketeer again. Tweetfeed, TweetMyBlog, Blogomator, Delicious—these are all applications that will help you tweet your blog. Hello! All of these applications were developed just for you with your name on to help you turn your “followers” into readers, so now why aren’t you tweeting your blog????????? To Tweet or Not to Tweet, Your Blog! It may not be Shakespeare, however, “Methinks the lady doth protest too much!”

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