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Monday Morning Marketeer, Revealed: 5 Reasons SEO Is not Dead!

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Title: Monday Morning Marketeer, Revealed: 5 Reasons SEO Is not Dead!
Time: 09/02/2015 08:00 AM EDT
Episode Notes: The Monday Monrning Marketeer Guest is internet SEO, Search engine optimizer, Rich Massafras, who will tell you that SEO is not dead, just going through metamorphosis. And if you have a website you cannot ignore the beautiful butterfly that SEO has become.

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Known as the Cash Flow Engineer, Richard Massafra worked in manufacturing as a machinist and engineer for over 20 years before switching to the IT filed where he was an instructor and later a network engineer.  While working as an engineer in manufacturing and the IT field he had a few part time businesses.  Richard owned a chocolate manufacturing business and then a concession trailer business making the best fresh cut fries at fairs and festivals in Western Pennsylvania. At the same time Mr. Massafra has spent the last few years marketing and doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for his websites and other businesses.  His specialty is ranking YouTube videos and Social webpages such as Yelp, and Facebook.
Some would say SEO is dead because internet users are more interested in playing games and using Facebook.

While it's true that Facebook has grown in popularity over the years SEO and the Internet is growing even faster.  You might say that Google and Facebook are duking it out.
SEO is not dead but Google has changed how they rank pages and what get puts on page one, thankfully Google has changed their algorithm to be more accurate of what user's intentions are.

Website owners are concerned that SEO is dead because they feel they have to produce good content all the time - not true but the content has to be relevant to the search being conducted and not just a tag on to lure people to a site.

Many critics say that SEO is dead because SEO optimizers have to be unethical - many people think that software that automates post on different social networks is unethical.  Well we are using computers to crunch numbers to balance the checkbook or make invoices and take orders because it is more efficient.  All we are doing is using software to post good relevant content on different social media sites that one has created.

Uninformed business owners are concerned that SEO is dead because it is expensive and it takes months if not years to get a return on investment.  Answer to that is that with good calls to action a business can make money with search engine optimization that can turn suspects into prospects and prospects into paying client.    

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